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Boticelli is new classic sofa set. The upholsetry is handmade and has feather soft touch feeling. Structured solid frame design, elegant and luxurious.

The collection combines the beauty of skilled craftmanship with artistry and high-quality materials. The Boticelli Sofa Set is true to its name, presenting an array of elaborately designed elements in its upholstery, stitching and legs. Available in blue and grey, it features natural wood legs and a fabric inset on its backrests, which add a sophisticated touch of luxury to this exquisite piece.

With its strong and comfortable design, this beautiful piece of furniture is sure to be a focal point in any room or office.

Cream, Brown

1 Classic Sofa, 1 Chester Sofa, 2 Armchair, Center Table

Classic Sofa: Length: 263 cm Width: 100 cm Height: 100 cm
Chester Sofa: Length: 285 cm Width: 115 cm Height: 113 cm
Armchair : Length: 94 cm Width: 90 cm Height: 127 cm
Center Table : Length: 153 cm Width: 81 cm Height: 62 cm

Hand carved wood, PU Decoration


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